PR1 App Store Questions - App Buyers           

Buying an app is easy, just take it to the cart (if there are any dependencies they will add to the cart as well), sign up for an account and pay via PayPal.

Easy! Just log in, (By clicking on My App Store) and you are displayed with a list of your purchased modules. Click the module you wish to download and there is a download button from there. You can also submit support tickets and download previous releases.

Your app is also downloadable from the shop page.

PR1 App Store Questions - App Developers             

PR1's App store also allows you to Depreciate App versions and allows you to remove entire apps from the app store, (for example remove the Odoo 8 version so it is no longer purchasable, or you notice a big bug with an App and want to temporarily remove that version from the shop so no one can purchase it - You can leave a note as to why the app has been withdrawn too!). Note customers who have already purchased that version of the app will always be able to download it from their account.